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Not your usual trail ride!
I can’t believe that I hadn’t written anything until now but I was just reminiscing in my office about the amazing ride that I took in April. I cannot say enough good things about Susan, her two regulars who joined for a _very_ long trail ride, the horses, and the entire experience.
The trail and views were spectacular, my beautiful Arabian (my favorite breed) was calm and a perfect listener but was also easy to push into a higher gear with a little squeeze. Susan and her company were friendly, welcoming, interesting, and I enjoyed some great conversations when the pace slowed. My only caution is to not overestimate your riding endurance because Susan is a machine and the Arabians love to move! The experience was exhausting but perfect for me as an intermediate rider. I will note that the extra sheepskin saddle padding was very welcome 🙂
Absolutely don’t hesitate to book a ride. Anytime that I’m in the area, I’ll be returning. And thanks Susan for a ride that I’ll always remember!

The horses are very well behaved and spirited!  Suzie knows what she’s talking about…. Listen to her direction and you can’t go wrong!  Truly a life changing experience!

My first time here with Suzie was amazing. She was really nice and friendly towards me and my group of friends. For people that are looking for a chill relaxing horse ride this is definitely the place to go. The horses were really well behaved, however there”s this little white horse name rabbit being a little bit lazy. Above all, all the horses were really gentle and nice. For an hour ride it was charged $50 each person. If you want a mini getaway with outdoor adventure this should definitely be one of your choices around the Bay. The vista point route that I got that day was really relaxing as well!

Imagine cantering through fields of wildflowers! Yes, it is possible. After not riding for many years, I went on a trail ride with two friends, and we enjoyed the entire experience. The horses are well-cared for and gentle. Suzie looks out for riders without fussing and gives tips when needed,  which is perfect for a relaxing but safe excursion. (Tip: use the bathroom in town before you arrive, as there are not facilities at the site on Highway 1.)

Had a GREAT day riding with Suzy.
Things I look for in a horse riding adventure are:
1) Happy Horses
2) Happy Horses
3) Well mannered Horses
4) Clean facility
5) A staff that cares
6) Happy Horses
Suzy and her team meet all of the above.
The horses are her pets, she knows their temperaments, and has trained them well.
She was great about instructions and let us ride to our ability (after much scrutiny) which was soooo much better than a nose to ass trail riding experience.  Not only will I go back but I think it was the best hundred bucks I’ve spent in a really long time (Also cheaper than owning).
Go, you’ll have fun.
Plus- no horse prison!

Thanks to Yelp I found Suzie and her beautiful Arabians and Quarter horses. I booked a 2-hour ride with friends for my birthday and Suzie did a fantastic job providing instruction and guidance to everyone – especially because some of my friends had never been on a horse.
Actually I need to give Suzie mad props in this area because one rider could not understand how to position themselves and she corrected them the entire 2-hour ride in firm yet friendly manner. Considering I was ready to hit them with the switch I have to admire Suzie for her patience.
We went for a great ride at Point Reyes and I’m looking forward to going back again. Pics from our ride here: flickr.com/photos/evolut…
peace, love, and good booze ~ chase

Great experience!  On top of Point Reyes to die for views, these are well cared for great horses.  They are not the least bit jaded and have as much fun as the riders while they are out on the trail.  It is wonderful to see an operation like this one!

Thank you Susan for that amazing experience. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and your beautiful, well trained horses.  Point Reyes is an ideal location for a gentle ride and you made us feel very comfortable very quickly.  We all look forward to seeing you and the horses (Summer, Nicky, Kodi and Rabbit) very soon again.  A ride with you has just been added to our Thanksgiving tradition!

I wanted to do something special for my girlfriend’s birthday, and I really wanted to take her horseback riding for her first time since she loves animals and nature. I spent a lot of time searching for places in the Bay Area and had a hard time finding any that looked good for beginners (ie, safety is important, guides/instructors around, etc).
Then I discovered reviews for Arabian Adventures and called Suzie. From our first conversation I knew it would be a good experience–she was very professional and friendly on the phone; I explained to her about my girlfriend’s first time, and she was excited.
From the moment we arrived, the experience was tip-top. The Arabian horses were beautiful and it was obvious they were well-cared for and well treated. Suzie helps train and house neglected and abandoned horses, so training and riding is her passion and it clearly shows.
From the beginning, Suzie and one other guide introduced us to the horses, taught us how to control the horses and instruct them. My gf had a blast–if she was nervous, I didn’t see it. Once on the ride, Suzie kept providing helpful tips to my gf on how to sit, how to hold a stance and begin a trot.
Needless to say, both of us had a wonderful experience–we did the 1.5 hour valley ride on trails in Pt Reyes and it was spectacular . We did some walking, trotting, hills, and my gf was beaming. I’m glad I was able to share a bit of nature and horseback riding with her. I would highly recommend Suzie , especially for new riders and also for experienced ones. We would definitely go back  (and my gf may be thinking that soon!)

Just came back from a wonderful time riding horses.  Suzy loves what she does and it shows from how well behaved her horses are.  This was our very first time riding horses and I must admit, I was pretty scared when we drove up.  The horses are huge compared to watching them on TV. Haha  We had the pleasure of riding Summer and Jig Saw.  We rode out along the Bay and I was at awe with the views. The horses are very easy to ride, so easy it seems as if the horses were on Auto Pilot! If you’re planning on trying to ride horses for the first time you must check out this place.  Suzy had us up and riding in less than 5 minutes. Suzy is a wonderful teacher/owner.

Great choice if you are a first-time rider. Suzy is very much in control of the horses, and the ones we worked with (Rabbit and Summer) were quite tame. The 1-hour ride takes you across beautiful, picturesque landscapes around Point Reyes.  Good photo opps, Yay! Warning: you may be sore after riding, as homo sapiens were not equipped with perfect shock absorbers.

My girl and I took the ridge ride last weekend. The guides were helpful and accommodating without being overbearing, the horses seemed healthy and well cared-for, the trail was beautiful, and the ride perfectly paced.
Suzy, the owner and lead guide, is a charming lady; she has an easy manner and manages your time on the trail well. We walked the horses mostly, but also did a fair amount of vigorous trotting and cantering. We stopped for photos a couple of times, and Suzy was kind enough to hop off her horse and offer to take photos for whomever desired them. I’ve forgotten the name of other guide who was with us, but she was sweet and helpful as well.
The price was fair, the ride was splendid, and the company was entertaining. All in all very well worth the money and time spent. We will definitely be going back.

My family and I were in Point Reyes for vacation; we’d already hiked and viewed and eaten–and eaten some more.  My partner is afraid of horses, but our kids (22 and 16) and I wanted to see the area on horse.  My son had never been on a horse and my daughter and I hadn’t ridden since Girl Scout camp.
I can’t emphasize how accommodating and understanding Suzie was about our complete inexperience.  The horses– Nicky, Rabbit and Summer—were gentle and well-trained.  They were still animal enough that we needed to lead them, but sweet and careful enough that I was never afraid any of us could get hurt.  When Summer decided to have her own way,  Suzie got off her own horse and led Summer by the reins to keep her from doing something crazy.  She gave us helmets and emphasized the safest ways to ride, both for us and the horses.
The ride toward the wetlands was spectacular—showcasing the glory of the flatlands and marshes, and Suzie pointed out the bird wildlife as we went, also avoiding the dustiest of trails when she could.
It was a highlight experience–I’m sure we’ll do it again, as soon as we return to Point Reyes again.

I am a horse owner and have ridden my whole life and competed in college.  I have ridden with Susie on her horses on two occasions.
The first time I took two friends who also own and are experienced riders.  Excellent ride including the beach.  Because of our level of experience we were able to ride fast and were delighted to find the horses very responsive and forward.  Not your typical trail horses.
The second time I brought a young girl with limited experience (summer camp).  She was able to use a western saddle, and Susie was wonderful with her.  I felt like she not only got a nice trail ride, but also a lesson as well.  BTW, it rained all day but that didn’t stop any of us!
It is rare to find a facility where you can ride “rentals” and not find yourself walking nose to tail on horses that are barn sour or seem sad.  Pt. Reyes Arabians are fresh, well behaved and well trained.  A novice to advanced rider can go there and have an excellent experience!

I just went riding for my birthday with Suzie and Peter. I had fun but I will admit I was a bit jealous of the other two riders there…my horse Rabbit was very sweet, but fell behind a bit…and I am not used to having to hold a switch while riding (the other two riders didn’t since their horses were more energetic) and so while trying to juggle the switch, horn and reigns (I also have small hands :P), I spent a lot more of the time trying to concentrate on holding onto everything than the actual views. Also since I was in back…riding with Suzie, I got most of the critiquing over the other riders. It was OK, but then she separated me from the other riders while they got to canter…which bummed me out a bit…it’s partly my fault from not being able to ride well while holding onto everything..but I still kind of felt like the odd one out.
I used to ride a lot in the past, so I was really rusty but it was still pretty and the views were nice. I would like to ride more…but first I need to get over feeling a bit lame for not being able to participate with the other riders….maybe I’ll do better next time…?!

Had an awesome time!  First time riding.  Susan is instructive, encouraging, and very friendly.  Was given a 2-hour ride with Susan and my friend and I enjoyed every minute.  Horses seem well trained and friendly.  Wish I could make it a regular hobby.  Can’t wait for a chance to go back.  I traveled from Daly City/SF area- worth it!

I had my first experience today riding with Suzy and I have to say it was the most wonderful experience ever. I started riding when I was 10 and had lessons but for the past off the horseback riding wagon for a while, only doing some trails here and there. My friend was visiting and was a beginner, had never ridden before. Suzy had us practice in the arena for a quite a bit which was nice because I hadn’t had any formal training in quite some time and was very patient with us. The horses were beautiful and very loved. One was following her voice! She is quite the horse whisperer.  I highly recommend going on this specific trail because it caters to novices and experienced riders alike. Views are breath taking and the ranch has an old rustic feel to it. I will definitely be going back!

Rode with Point Reyes Arabian Adventures today – a fantastic experience!  I will definitely return, and I will highly recommend it to anyone interested in riding.  When I arrived, I met a very friendly young woman grooming and prepping the horses.  The horses looked bright, well cared for, and healthy.
Susan is very knowledgeable… obviously about riding and horsemanship – but also about the surrounding area.  While leading our ride, she took time to point out wildlife, landmarks, geography, and more.  The views were beautiful!
My friend had very limited riding experience – and Susan provided her with tips, and guidance.  She had us all comfortably trotting halfway through our ride.  Although I grew up riding, it’s been years – and I really feel like a raw beginner!  I really enjoyed the “lesson” and all the beauty.
This is a great place – no matter what your riding experience.  I will return, and hope you check it out, too! Cheers.

Don’t be turned off by the simple website – Suzie was amazing. I am an experienced rider and came to do a trail hour ride with my boyfriend who has never ridden before.
Suzie started him off with a lesson, answered all his questions/concerns, and he was able to trot towards the end. He went from being a total skeptic to someone who would do it again in just an hour! I got to do some cantering, which was fun.
On top of that, the views on the trail were stunning, and it is clear that Suzie treats her horses very well. I would not hesitate to recommend her to both experienced and beginner riders.

My husband and I visited Point Reyes Arabian Adventures November 11, 2012. We went on the 3:30PM ride with one other couple. Suzie(owner) led the group, while one of her helpers tagged along too. I have been riding since I could walk, and own horses. The woman of the other couple we were with was the same level of riding experience as I, while both of our husbands had only ridden 1 or 2 times before. They had 2 PERFECT horses for the guys, and put us 2 women on mounts that matched our skill level. I was able to gallop my awesome dun gelding 3 or 4 times, and man was he trained much better than I would have expected. Suzie CERTAINLY has horses that will match your level of experience. All riders were given the option to walk trot and canter. The horse that she put my husband on stepped up right into a rocking horse canter, none of that annoying trotting business in-between. It sure changed his views on horses, and told me he wanted to go again, which is saying a lot!
The place is a very simple setup, situated on 100 acres. The horses have access to 80 acres of pasture while not being ridden, in fact while we were riding we came across a couple horses out there quite a bit.
The tack she has is all regularly cleaned and in good condition. She has english and western tack to choose from. I highly recommend this to others!

Exceptional customer service, open minded options available to those seeking a custom or private riding experience and well trained rescue horses brought back to life.  Facilities are lacking substaintially but if you can get past this its a great spot for a ride on horseback.

My boyfriend brought me here as a surprise birthday adventure and we had tons of fun! It was just him, myself, and our trainer Susan. I loved how private our session was. Susan picked out the perfect horses to our skill level and also to our height/weight ratio. I had rabbit and the BF had Summer. Susan also gave us a quick 30 miute riding lesson that showed us the basics and then we were off on our adventure throughout all that acrage she has. She even stopped at spots by the pond and on top of one of the hills to take pictures of us for us. She was such a sweet heart and very knowledgeable about her “craft” as well as the bay area. Even the horses had their own personalities and you can tell they are all very well taken care of and loved. I especially liked the fact that they are all rescues! Kudos to Susan for seeing the quality of horses way after their younger years. I learned alot that day and this iwll defintely be a memorable birthday. We enjoyed this so much, hopefully we will get to come back again soon! Make sure you pick Arabian Adventures as your go to for riding, these folks are the best!Thanks Susanne, Rabbit, and & Summer, we had a blast! 🙂

Just back from an amazing ride at Arabian Adventures in Point Reyes. Suzie is a gracious hostess and patient teacher, she took us (experienced riders) on a fast-paced two-hour ride over beautiful trails, and the horses were well-mannered, well-trained, spirited, extremely fit angels. Use the bathroom before you go, and in summer have cold drinks waiting in your car and wear lots of sunscreen. Unless you are very fit, you might start with a one-hour ride. Can’t wait to go back. Zoom zoom 🙂

Just went for a two hour advanced ride on Susie’s Arabians – Codi and Merlin, and enjoyed the whole experience thoroughly.  First time on this breed and really loved these powerful responsive horses.  Susie also has quarter horses but we wanted to try out arabians.  Top notched service and amazing well cared horses that clearly adore their owner.   Great views on Whitehill open space and lots of canter and constant fast trotting throughout the rise.  We will be back for more rides on your Arabians, thanks for a blast Susie!  Highly recommended, A+++

Rode with Suzie a couple years ago. Don’t let the bare bones website fool you — you will not be disappointed! I’m an experienced rider and this was an unforgettable ride. Suzie has a ranch in the hills, or can trailer horses directly to the trailhead on Point Reyes. Her Arabian gelding, Merlin, was a very comfortable ride. Brisk canters on the beach sand were exhilarating! She’s a knowledgeable horseperson and trains each of her horses. I’d recommend to any equestrian visiting the Bay Area, and I’d also trust her with beginners and children. Quite a ride! I’ll be back next time I’m in the area.

I took my sister for a birthday ride provided by Suzie’s Arabian Adventures. What a fantastic treat. We saw glorious country and got to trot and canter. Suzie is a very knowledgeable horse woman and explained something about riding that I had been unable to get in previous lessons. The horses were wonderful: fit, well-treated, well-trained! We are going back in October for a longer ride.

Wonderful experience riding with hubbie and Susan. I love that it’s not nose to tail riding. You get a short lesson at the beginning of the ride with useful tips on how to communicate with your horse to make the ride more enjoyable. She takes each rider’s comfort level and experience into consideration and customizes the ride to your abilities. We even got to canter a few times! A much more personalized experience.

I’ve done a lot of riding in the last ten years – from trail rides to week-long cattle drives – and I have to say Suzie and her horses rate among the best experiences I have had. I am able to bring riders of all different levels to Suzie, and she is able to accommodate them.  She will match you to a horse and to a group at the appropriate riding level. Her horses are well-mannered (their ground manners are nothing short of admirable), responsive, yet have a lot of get up and go. They are obviously very loved by their owner! One thing that always strikes me about riding with Suzie is how happy and pleasant she is. I’ve seen her ride with people who were on a horse for the first time, and she was kind in her ability to instruct and make the guest feel comfortable. She also rides beautifully with very experienced riders. If you’re looking for a magical riding experience in one of the most beautiful areas in California, treat yourself to a ride with Point Reyes Arabians.

Came here with a group of 6 to go riding on Saturday 1/11/14. One woman (Suzy? English accent I think) ran the entire show from prepping the horses, getting each of us comfortable, and providing instruction and tips to all while on the ride. The views were incredible (especially for not having to do the leg work) and my horse (Chainsaw) was easy to work with (my first time riding and no issues). Even a little galloping! Although if anyone gets Rabbit it seems like he just wants to sleep. Great experience and only $50! I will be back.

I brought the girlfriend here for her birthday and it was amazing! It was both of our first time on a horse and we were pretty impressed with how well trained the horses were.
She was riding Rabbit who was apparently trained enough that the gf didn’t even really need to use the reigns. When the group stopped, Rabbit stopped. When the group started moving, Rabbit started moving, too.
I was riding Summer. She had a mind of her own but was just as well-trained as Rabbit. Only thing I had to do was to remind her to stop; she was a line-cutter and wanted to decide where she should be in the line.
Susan was great. It really seemed like she knew what she was doing and was super patient with us first-time riders and a child in the other group. She was good about giving us reminders throughout the ride so that we would be able to have more control over the horses and a more enjoyable ride. Also, we had missed our exit by a lot on the drive up which made us about 30 minutes late for our appointment but I had called to let Susan know and she was super cool about it and waited for us to arrive. However, she did have three other people that she was prepping to go on the ride, too. Nevertheless, it was very kind of her to assure us that we would be ok.
The scenery was great. Everything was super green and the sun was shining but it was still really cold and windy. Best birthday ever for the gf.

I LOVE Suzie and her amazing horses!  What a great birthday gift!  In late January, it was wonderful to ride in a small group (Suzie, me, boyfriend, and two other gals) on a beautiful day with gorgeous views of Tomales Bay and the surrounding area.  Keep in mind that these are Suzie’s personal horses – not your average rental horses.  And another amazing thing is that ALL of her horses are RESCUES – bless her!   😎  It’s clear that she loves these horses and has trained them well.  I was lucky to get Wyatt, and at times I had to hold him back because he just wanted to go even faster.  He was a fabulous gentle giant (originally a premarin foal – part draft horse)  I was really RIDING, not a just a passenger on an under-loved, under-trained, and over-worked typical rental horse (and this is important if you’re an experienced rider).  Her horses and her care will facilitate beginners as well as those who’ve giddy-upped before.  Yeehaw – I’ll be back!

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