We offer spectacular trail rides and lessons in West Marin, Point Reyes, and Sonoma with the best views of Tomales Bay and West Marin country side and San Francisco Bay. Riding through redwoods and Douglas firs to the top of mountains overlooking the entire bay area. We cater to small groups to ensure a safe and personal experience for all.

All rides are guided by Susan herself who is a qualified riding instructor and horse trainer.
Susan offers riding instruction on the trail rides to provide the best experience and enjoyment for you and your family. Horses are well trained and friendly.


Western or English saddles available

Guided Trail Rides




Tomales Bay View Ride

1 hour rides–$70.00 per person. (Up to 8 riders for this ride) Weight limit 220 lbs

Perfect ride for all levels of riders with walk and trot for the young and adults. Cantering allowed when suitable. Exclusive breathtaking views of Tomales Bay and Point Reyes National Seashore – a wonderful family ride.

Special for Beginners

1 1/2 HRS $95.00 per person (Up to 6 riders for this ride)

Weight limit 200 lbs

Half-hour lesson with Susan, followed by a trail ride overlooking Tomales Bay and Point Reyes National Seashore. This ride is great for children or first-time riders of all ages and includes trotting. Very helpful in the communication between you and your horse to get a more enjoyable ride.

 Trail rides in local parks
Allow an extra 30 minutes for the trailering.

 Forest Special

1 hr & 30 min. to 1 hr & 45 min. $110.00 per person (Up to 5 riders on this ride)
Weight limit 220 lbs

Beautiful forest ride through Redwood Grove and Bays, with a beautiful view of the lake. Suitable for all levels of riders 8 years and up. Really pretty trail ride all through out the year.

Woodland and Mountain Top Ride

trotting & cantering allowed

2 hr rides — $145.00 per person. (Up to 5 riders for this ride) 

Weight Limit 200 lbs

A gorgeous ride through majestic forests to the mountain top overlooking the lake. Faster pace ride.

San Francisco Bay ride

trotting & cantering allowed

2 hr ride – $145.00 per person. (Up to 5 riders for this ride)

2 1/2 hr ride- $165.00 per person. (Up to 5 riders as well)

Weight limit 200 lbs

This ride has an incredible views of the West Marin, San Francisco Bay & the city. Riding through beautiful forests up to the top of the mountain. Faster paced ride.



Mountain Lake Ride

3 hr ride

$195 per person for 3 hrs (Up to 5 riders on this ride) 

Weight limit 200 lbs

For this adventure we ride through the beautiful forest down to the lake, where the Osprey and Bald Eagle nest. The scenery is spectacular! This is also a faster paced ride. 

4 hr ride

$250.00 per person for 4 hrs (Up to 5 riders on this ride)

Weight limit 200 lbs

All Day Ride

6 Hours $350.00 Per Person (Up to 5 riders on this ride) 

Weight limit 200 lbs

Bring lunch with you. No beginners please. Must have experience with trot and canter. This ride has breath taking views. Can see San Francisco bay and Tomales Bay. A ride to remember!


So if you’re looking for a faster, more exciting ride, you’ve found the right place English or Western. We have some wonderful rides all throughout the Winter Season. 

call for details!

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Horse Riding Lessons at Point Reyes Arabian Adventures

Our lessons and programs are suitable for all ages and levels. We specialize in children six years and older. Susan Rowsell is a very experienced instructor with her own horses trained by her giving riders lessons with excitement and safety that everyone enjoys.

We provide an excellent education for anyone who wants to develop skills in Western or English style, jumping, trail riding, and well rounded horsemanship.

Lesson Rates: “One on One” tutoring – $90 per hour per person.
Group lessons up to 4 people — $70 per hour per person.

Contact: Susan Rowsell
Bookings are to be made in advance when possible and a deposit is required.
Visa & Master Card accepted,
Thank you and look forward to seeing you.

Contact Information

11925 CA-1
Point Reyes Station, CA 94956

Phone: (707) 477-7181


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Please wear appropriate attire closed in sturdy shoes with long pants. Helmet will be provided

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